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Pre-Prohibition American Beer

(BJCP Pre-Pro Lager [page 57 2015 BJCP] aka Classic American Pilsner), Cream Ale (2015 BJCP 1C), Kentucky Common [page 55 2015 BJCP]

Characterized as more flavor-full full bodied versions of beers available before Prohibition. Also utilize malts and ingredients available to brewers at the time. For example, 6-row malt and adjuncts such as corn. Classic American Pilsner is a style, and Pre-Pro brewing concept in general, that was revitalized due largely in part to Jeff Renner and discussions on the old Home Brew Digest listserv in the early 90's. (Aside: For the "Millennials" out there reading this, a "listserv" provided the equivalent of "social media" in a digest format pre-world wide web using only email with no pictures or emojis! Imagine that!). Check out this link for an old article from Jeff: http://morebeer.com/brewingtechniques/library/backissues/issue3.5/renner.html

» 2015 Homebrewer of the Year

Jon Silvertooth

» 2016 HBOY Final Point Standings

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Derek Johnstone

18 points

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Dan Sundstrom

11 points

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Andi Svenneby-Hakim
Moises Arteaga

9 points

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Gary Sjobakken Rick Adams

8 points

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Jon Slivertooth

7 points

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Josh Parsens

6 points

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Ray Grace

5 points

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Adam Widera
Dave Gansen
Karl Reithmaier
Matt Cowper

4 points

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Adam Moheban
Dick Emmerson

3 Points

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Devin Moore
Greg Jackson
Mike Cullen

2 Points

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Adam Reep
Adam Schmalz
Alfredo Rocha
Toby Baar
Tom Parker
Wayne Sugden

1 Point

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