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» Upcoming Style of the month

American Barley Wine (2015 BJCP 22C)**

Classic American Barley Wine, and a fitting beer fo rthe 2016 finale for the HBOY competition. Many commercial examples out there, and a favorite of most craft brewers to have at least one version in their line-up. Also, as with the Tripel, in order to have an even playing field for the competition, beers should more or less match the style guidelines. For example, a Barley Wine that smells like Maker's Mark Whiskey wouldn't be appropriate.

Since this is the final HBOY competition month, all entries will be given double points.

» 2015 Homebrewer of the Year

Jon Silvertooth

» 2016 HBOY Final Point Standings

Beer Icon

Derek Johnstone

21 points

Beer Icon

Dan Sundstrom

18 points

Beer Icon

Andi Svenneby-Hakim

12 points

Beer Icon

Jon Slivertooth
Moises Arteaga

11 points

Beer Icon

Gary Sjobakken Rick Adams

8 points

Beer Icon

Josh Parsens

7 points

Beer Icon

Devin Moore

6 points

Beer Icon

Ray Grace

5 points

Beer Icon

Adam Widera
Dave Gansen
Greg Jackson
Karl Reithmaier
Matt Cowper

4 points

Beer Icon

Adam Moheban
Dick Emmerson

3 Points

Beer Icon

Mike Cullen

2 Points

Beer Icon

Adam Reep
Adam Schmalz
Alfredo Rocha
Lance Simmons
Toby Baar
Tom Parker
Wayne Sugden

1 Point

Click Here To Download Detailed Point Breakdown (Excel File)

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