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» Upcoming Style of the month

Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel flavored Beers (2015 BJCP 33B)

Final tasting of the year and a chance for all the bourbon barrel-aged beer lovers to show what they have, and share some with the rest of us! All styles are welcome, as long as they have spent some time with bourbon or whisky soaked oak.

» 2016 Homebrewer of the Year

Derek Johnstone

» 2016 HBOY Final Point Standings

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Derek Johnstone

29 points

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Dan Sundstrom

24 points

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Adam Widera
Andi Svenneby-Hakim

14 points

Beer Icon

Jon Slivertooth

13 points

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Moises Arteaga

11 points

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Gary Sjobakken Rick Adams

8 points

Beer Icon

Josh Parsens

7 points

Beer Icon

Devin Moore

6 points

Beer Icon

Ray Grace

5 points

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Dave Gansen
Greg Jackson
Karl Reithmaier
Matt Cowper

4 points

Beer Icon

Adam Moheban
Dick Emmerson

3 Points

Beer Icon

Josh Smith
Mike Cullen

2 Points

Beer Icon

Adam Reep
Adam Schmalz
Alfredo Rocha
Lance Simmons
Toby Baar
Tom Parker
Wayne Sugden

1 Point

Click Here To Download Detailed Point Breakdown (Excel File)

» Next Club Meeting

December 13, 2016 - 7:00p

If you are 21 or older you are welcome. Bring a chair and join us.

Stein Fillers
4160 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808

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